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Chemical Integrator

Class 5 Steam Chemical Integrator ( Window Views )       

chemical integrator

        Decades of research have shown that the integrity of a steam sterilization process is the function of there basic parameters: time, temperature and the presence of saturated steam. All three are critical for effective steam sterilization. The importance of saturated steam is faster sterilization than dry heat. For example, dry heat sterilization requires a sterilization time of 60 minutes at 160 sintgerd, while steam sterilization at the same temperature would take less than a minute. Thats why Beya Medical developed class 5 chemical integrator to measure 3 critical parameters.

Chemical Integrator

         Class 5 steam integrators are chemical indicators consisting of a paper wick and a steam and temperature sensitive chemical pellet contained in a paper/film/foil laminate. The chemical pellet melts and migrates as a dark color along the paper wick. The migration is visible through a window marked REJECT or ACCEPT. The extent of migration depends on steam, time.