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Fluoriding Trays

Florbite Sensitivity Defencers       

         Florbite is our new patended product that provides more effective applications and less fluoride gel usage. You can apply the minimum dose of Fluoride gel, that should be used, in the most efficient way Florbite fluoriding tray is a product that can be used with peace of mind in preventive dentistry. It does not contain carcinogenic substances, does not cause tissue irritation, small amounts of fluoride is enough to cover all teeth with fluoride gel. Preventive dental services for the protection of natural teeth is very important for children because if there is a missing milk teeth in the mouth than that will cause dentition problems aftermath of childhood. Usually the reason for extraction is tooth decays. Tooth decay is one of the diseases that can be prevented. Brushing teeth at least 2 times a day and 2 fluoride gel applications per year by a dentist can seriously decreases the incidents. In dental clinics this product can be used 2 times in a year for each children of age between 6 – 15 years. Preventive dental services for the protection of natural teeth is very important not only for children but also for adults . Besides, with Florbite flor tray, in through cracks in the teeth, the gum recession or tooth sensitivity caused by incipient decays with adults can be resolved.

Florbite Sensitivity Defencers


    Florbite is also a sensibility deffender. If there is a sensibility on teeth, the product can be used with fluoriding gels or toothpaste aswell. In this usage, the product will be a very succesful teeth sensitivity healer if the patient use the product for 5 days after their personal care. And if they use it randomly once a week, before the sensitivity occurrence, they will never feel the sensitivity in their teeth unless there is a decay on the teeth. If there is a decay on teeth patients must see their dentists for the threatment and after the treatment they can use the product again. For clinically usage, dentist can use the product with fluoride gel. In this usage, this product will integrate the dantal care for 3 months for one application.

Important note;
This product is not an alternative for the dental care, using tooth brush and dental floss. This product is integrating the daily dental care. And if there is sensitivity on teeth this product should be used after the daily dental care to heal the sensitivity day by day.

For the fluoriding session there are some advantages of the product.
*Only one size fits everyone. Elastic material permits to fit both adults and children.
*Its very easy to use florbite because of its compact design.
*Only with 3cc of fluoride gel you can make a fluoriding seance. (fluoriding seance cost is very low.)
*Product is not toxic, not causing precanserous lesions and not deformating the oral tissues according to the tests made by TÜBİTAK Marmara Araştıma Merkezi (MAM) (MARMARA RESEARCH CENTER) and the patients who are using the product. (safe to use in the mouth)
*Canals of the product ensures to contact gel and teeth for the whole seance. (The improtant point of fluoriding seance is keeping both gel and teeth together.)
*Material makes a good barrier for saliva. That barrier keeps the saliva out of the fluoriding area and dont let the saliva to dilute fluoride gel. that keeps the density of fluoride gel stable.
*After the seance, product absorbs the remaining gel inside. So there will be a very small amount of gel inside the mouth after the seance.

There are 2 different packages.
One have 50 pieces of product. This package is for dentists to use the product in the clinic.
The other package has 5 piece of product. That form is for the daily use. Patients can buy it from pharmacies or shopping malls/markets and use at home with toothpaste which has the concentration of 1400 ppm or more fluoride in.


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